Meekell 0.4.6 Release!

Short list, but BIG implications. Now that people can configure the main menu, I'm not scared to add new features and clutter the simplicity.

Release Notes:

Meekell 0.4.6


  • Configurable Main Menu Items ("Advanced->Configure Menu")

UI Changes:

  • Main Menu Animates (turn off in "Advanced->STV Enhancements", won't be activated if "MVP Enhance" is Enabled)

Bug Fixes:

  • 5-Item Menu bug squashed
  • Channel Icons and Status Icons in media player display correctly
  • Intelligent Indicator appears properly in Recordings Menu
  • You can find the SageTV forum thread by clicking here. You can download the files from the SageTV section of this site by clicking the "SageTV" link on the title bar of this page, or by clicking here.

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