Meekell 0.5.0 Release!

Another bunch of features you all seem to want. ;)

Release Notes:

Meekell 0.5.0


  • mlbdude's External Program List ("Advanced->Configure Menu")
  • Malore's Custom Guide Menus! (add via Menu Customization)
  • -All Malore's menus can be renamed via 'options' command while in menu

  • Nielm's RSS NewsReader, w/ internal viewer! (add via Menu Customization)
  • Enhanced Disk Space Widget (like v3 hidden feature) ("Advanced->STV Enhancements")

UI Changes:

  • 1st Run Marking in Guide ("Advanced->STV Enhancements")
  • Added "Programs" and "Shortcuts" main menus. Shortcuts menu populates with Malore's Menus automatically See install instructions to get programs to show up

Bug Fixes:

  • Menu Configuration now reports correct menu being modified
  • Fixed all Watch Conflict popups (I think)
  • Added FSE Toggle to Settings Menu
  • Included Stanger's fix for Data Import. (fixes production year, and directors)

All users should download the entire package listed on this page. You can find the SageTV forum thread by clicking here.

To all my loyal Tablet PC readers: I promise I'm working on some great new articles and podcasts. They should be ready by next week.

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