Meekell 0.4.5 Release!

Okay, so it turned out to be a slightly bigger release than I had planned, but here we go.

Release Notes:

Meekell 0.4.5


  • Added Nielm's Info Popup

UI Changes:

  • Added setup for Data Import (Adcanced->External->Choose Collection.xml file)
  • Removed "Smart Folders" legend button to remove confusion. (it never did anything…)
  • Added icons to recording menu, option in "settings->advanced->enhancements->icons" - requested by multiple users (Thanks for the icons Iain!)
  • Manual/Favorite/Don't Like indication in media player
  • All menus should show current menu title in title bar
  • System asks if you want to import metadata for newly imported files automatically (uses DVD Profiler data import)

Bug Fixes:

  • Programs to Record - keyboard now has highlights for focus
  • Library Import - deleting directory now readable
  • Now warns before changing channel while watching live tv
  • Now catches channel change requests before canceling favorites recordings
  • Setup menu now shows if options exist out of view
  • Favorite Options now are fully functional and readable
  • Data Import now asks for .xml file if none set
  • A couple of other things I forgot about…

You can find the SageTV forum thread by clicking here. The new SageTV section of this site can be reached by clicking the "SageTV" link on the title bar of this page, or by clicking here.

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