Check out "Busted" on MTV

I've been trying to dust off this blog lately, but my day job keeps getting in the way. For those of you who don't know, or haven't visited the root of this domain, I'm a television editor and for the last 4 months of my life I've been laboring away as the Lead Editor on a new show for MTV called "Busted". It has been very grueling, but we're making great headway and just started airing weekdays at 6pm ET/PT then replaying at midnight. You can see full episodes at this link.

On the SageTV front, I have been working a little on Meekell. I've added a bunch of animations and fixed some bugs. I'm planning on making a release sometime before the end of the year with reworked music and photos sections that should take advantage of the new 6.4 features.

With tech, I have my eye on Canon's new HD camcorder the HF11. With SageTV's support for AVCHD on the extender it should be an easy sell. With that purchase I also plan to pick up a Drobo to keep the video safe, then hopefully a new Mac Pro to really get into selling my photography as stock.

There is a lot of stuff on the horizon, so don't forget about me! I'm still here.