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I've finally had a little break and I really would like to write a full review of Zooomr, because I think it has a lot of potential due to the people in charge of it. (Thomas Hawk and Kristopher Tate.) The problem is, I'm trying to merge my older GMail-based login with an OpenID login that Zooomr has migrated to and instead of combining them, it created a second account. Now I'm stuck having to send myself temporary passwords every single day.

I've tried their feedback email with no response now after over a week. I'd really like to get things together so I can write a good review when they release Mark III next month, so can someone get on this please? Thank you.

Update 2-11-07: Wow, that's service! I was helped both the top guys at Zooomr, and we concluded that it was entirely my fault. The solution was quite simple, and I'm embarrassed to say that I managed to merge my Zooomr account quite a while ago with an alternate openID - one different than I've been using for a fair amount of time now.

So anyways, problem fixed, and I am really impressed with the great service I received. Seriously, how many companies have their CEO and Founder/Lead Developer helping out customers? Thanks guys. I really appreciate it.

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