Meekell v0.6.0 Release

Sorry for the extremely long hiatus. Here's a new version for you to play with. Download it here. I hope to follow this up with a quick maintenance release in a couple of weeks, so please email me with any issues you find.

As always, please let me know what you think!

Release Notes:

Meekell 0.6.0


  • V6 Video Compression!
  • EvilPenguin's DVD Burning!
  • External Drive Support (like standard STV).
  • "Browse Media Files" option (like standard STV, go to a import menu, hit 'options' button).

UI Changes:

  • Added Settings Item to toggle 'Delete' in Video Library
  • Added "Auto-skip commercials" toggle to "Enhancements" menu
  • Un-Archive now available in recordings menu
  • Incorperated Default STV End Of File Options

Bug Fixes:

  • Weird delete button size issue in Stanger's Imports menu
  • Channel Change deny prompt displays correctly
  • Commercial Re-detect popup now readable
  • Scroll Bar in main menu now works again. :)
  • Tons of other fixes - I lost track, sorry.
  • Various Theme Cleaning -* I'm SURE I broke some things doing this. Please let me know what looks weird. *
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