New firmware for PPC-6700

Just as I was polishing off my review of the PPC-6700, I stumbled across a forum post that announced that Sprint had finally made a new firmware available for the device. After reading what was included, I can't release my review as-is. I had a few gripes which seem to be fixed out-right by the new firmware, so I'm going to spend a week with the update and see how it changes my view of the device. I'm still very happy with it, and hopefully I'll be even more happy with it next week.

So, those of you who have the Sprint PPC-6700, go login to your sprint account and go to 'Phone Details' then 'Software Download', select 'Windows CE' as your OS, and the upgrade application should be the first link. Make sure to use your USB cable to install the update, Bluetooth connections are too finicky for such a major transfer.