Ordered, not Shaken

So my Lenovo customer service rep thinks I'm insane. He had just called me back when there was an incident in Yucaipa, CA.

Me: Uh, hold on a sec. Rep: Oh, okay. rattling Me: Yup, it's a quake. Rep: What? Me: An earthquake. Hold on I need to go outside. Rep: Are you serious? sounds of coworkers scrambling for door frames, exits, umbrellas Me: Just a second. wind noise Me: Okay, that was an earthquake. Where were we, oh yeah, the 60gb hard drive. Rep: Yeah, earthquakes...no big deal. Are you okay? Me: Yeah, it was only a 2 or a 3.

So I was off a little - it was a 5.3. But here in L.A. you get used to such things. I moved out here in December of 1993, just in time for the 6.7 Northridge quake in January. Since that rude awakening, I've experienced around 100 smaller quakes, so this was no big deal to me. To my rep sitting in his office in Toronto, it had a decidedly different effect. He thinks his customer in L.A. cares more about 60gb hard drives than his life. I don't think I helped break-down stereotypes much today.

Well, the net-sum is that my order was in fact for the wrong base system. I was going to get a 40gb HD instead of 60gb, and a 802.11b/g wireless card instead of a a/b/g one. I also decided to forget the 4-cell battery and upgrade to a second 8-cell for $49. I no longer see the point of carrying a second battery if it's only going to get me 2.5 extra hours. I thought I'd like the lighter weight thing, but I decided if I'm going to carry ANYTHING extra, it'll be for the extra 6.3 hours the 8-cell provides.

So now I have to ask the obligatory question: Did anyone else feel the quake?