X41 Tablet ORDERED! Back-Ordered that is.

Well, I've gotten it ordered finally! YAY! Now comes the waiting. I thought I was so cool getting it so quickly, but even with the help of the great CS rep, it's going to be 3-4 weeks before I get my tablet! 3-4 weeks! Are you serious? That aside, there was only one other issue that I am bummed about, Lenovo's current $100 off a MS Office package doesn't apply to the Tablet, so I had to pony up $129 for that, and OneNote 2003 wasn't in his system. Bummer, so the going rate for OneNote is roughly $99 ($84 someplaces), and I'm going to have to get an external USB 2.0 DVD writer too, because I'm too cheap to buy the $214 X4 dock and still pay another $269 for a DVD writer. $500 isnt' worth that when I can buy a dedicated one for under $200. Alright, so it's not one thing, but the rep made it up to me and threw in a free 4-cell battery and free shipping.

So here's the main specs:

  • 1.5 ghz
  • 512 mb ram
  • 60gb HD
  • a/b/g wireless
  • Fingerprint reader
  • 8 cell battery in addition to the free 4 cell
  • Price - $2528 before tax

Pricey? Yes. Worth it? We'll find out.

Anyone have ideas how to make 4 weeks go by quickly? My current plan of checking tablet pc websites all day isn't cutting it, and people at work are looking at me funny.